Hi there, and welcome to Pure SUP! We’re a UK based company that specialise in inflatable boards and boating equipment. From our name, you can probably guess that we have one main passion, and that’s SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)! Paddleboarding is such a varied sport and it’s a joy that we want everyone to experience.

Out main aim is simple: help as many people as possible get out on the water having fun! No matter what your abilities are, what your experience level is, or the amount of free time you can spend on a hobby. SUP is a great sport for a wide variety of people of different lifestyles and we want as many people to experience it as possible.

We only focus on selling inflatable watersports equipment, as we think they’re the most accessible and reliable options on the market. Gone are the days of flimsy inflatables that are better off as pool toys. The inflatables of today are the perfect option for different lifestyles. Limited on storage space? Try an inflatable! Don’t want to cart a hefty solid board around? Try an inflatable! Want a long-lasting and sturdy board at the fraction of the cost? Try an inflatable! Planning a trip aboard for paddleboarding? Try an inflatable!

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