Who Can Enjoy SUP?

Anyone can enjoy Stand Up Paddleboarding! The joy of SUP is that it can be adjusted to different needs; any age or fitness level can give it a try. SUP is what you make it: you can have a chilled-out recreational paddle or an adrenaline filled whitewater adventure. We have an exciting range of SUPs that will suit whatever best fits your SUP style.

There are always adjustments that can be made for whatever level abilities you have. For some useful information on enjoying SUP with a disability, Go Paddling have created a list of paddle-ability providers and tips.

It isn’t just humans that can get in on the SUP fun, you’ll often cross paths with people and their four-legged friends out on the water. There are a few safety and training considerations to keep in mind. Watch your dogs fall in love with paddle boarding just as much as you do!

If you fancy taking your kids out for a SUP, there a variety of ways you can make their adventure safer and even more enjoyable. If your board is suitable, then you can take your kids out on to the water. There are a variety of safety concerns that you need to keep in mind when SUPping with kids, so be sure you do plenty of research before heading out on to the water with them in tow.