What Are The Benefits of SUP?

SUP is a great sport for everyone, it can be adapted for a variety of abilities and skill types. As a form of exercise it’s unparalleled! Rather than going to the gym and battling hordes for a space on a mat, you can take your workout to the water, where you have the space to explore and breathe in the fresh air.

It’s a low impact activity that works as a full body workout. As you move through the water, you’re going to be engaging your legs, arms, abs, and shoulders. Your abs are a core part of SUPping, as you use it as a way of moving through the water and staying balanced. As it’s so low impact, you often won’t realise that you’ve basically been having a good workout for a few hours. As you continue SUPping, your stamina should improve as well and you can go on longer paddles.

There are loads of different types of SUP Style that can engage your body in different ways. A low key Flatwater paddle will likely be less strenuous than a wind surf adventure. However, you’re more likely to be able to stay on the water for a longer period of time when staying on the flatwater. If you’re looking to increase your joint stability and flexibility, SUP Yoga is a fantastic way of engaging muscles in a different way. Let the water push your yoga practise to the next level!

SUP isn’t only great for physical health, but just as importantly, it’s wonderful for mental health. Getting out on the water is a great way to remove yourself from the stressors of every day life. Not only that, but the sun exposure you can get will increase your Vitamin D levels, which can improve your bone health and stress levels.