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YOGA Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • YOGA Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • YOGA Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • YOGA Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • YOGA Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)
  • YOGA Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Pure Yoga SUP | 8' Long Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Looking to expand your yoga routine and enjoy different challenges than you might get in a yoga studio? Combining SUP with yoga is a great way to invigorate and shake up your standard yoga practice. The Pure Yoga SUP is optimized for you to enjoy yoga on the water and provides a great base for your yoga routine. When you’re done with your practice, you can use your Pure board to enjoy traveling effortlessly through the water.

  • Optimized for your Yoga Practice
    The wider dimensions of this board minimize the amount of shakiness you’ll feel on the water, keeping you balanced and dry. Whether you’re a beginner or a yoga professional, the extra space will aid you in developing your yoga practice.

  • Mimics the Comfort of a Yoga Mat:
    The longer and wider traction pad is the star of this Yoga SUP. The pad provides a softer and grippier surface to exercise on, much like a traditional yoga mat. This additional grip will make positions like downward facing dog more stable, whilst the cushioning will help support you in Warrior Pose 1. The thicker board will help keep you well balanced on the water.

  • Intelligently Designed:
    The Single Layer Construction on this iSUP makes for easy transport between your adventures. The Single Layer Construction of this Yoga SUP offers easy mobility and lightweight movement as you travel through the water. Our boards are crafted with drop stitch construction, which is what makes the board as sturdy as a hard-shell SUP.

  • Complete Set Includes:
    This Paddleboard set has everything you need to get out on the water. The set includes a Pure4Fun Backpack, Ankle Coil Leash, Double Action Pump with an integrated PSI meter, Waterproof Repair Kit, and Aluminium Paddle.
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Practicing yoga on a Stand Up Paddleboard can invigorate your standard yoga practice and help you continue to develop your technique. The Pure Yoga SUP is perfect for enjoying a yoga practice on the water, then gliding through the water as you paddle. This board has been designed to improve your yoga practice and make you feel more stability on the water.


The Yoga Stand Up Paddle Board replicates the comfort and grip of a yoga mat and makes it suitable for practising in wetter conditions. The EVA Traction pad offers a more cushioned base than standard SUPs. The exceptional grip of the yoga SUP will help you gain greater stability in your yoga poses and keep you firmly on the Paddle Board.


The Yoga SUP features:

  • Removable Fins: The removable fins allow for greater stability and continuous direction when floating on the water. They can be removed for cleaning the board or for easier storage when the board is deflated.

  • Easily inflate and deflate: With the additional 2.2L Double Action Pump, inflating your iSUP is a breeze. The PSI meter ensures you won’t over-inflate or damage your board.

  • Sturdy Bungee Cords: Keep your belongings dry with the bungee cords placed at the end of the Yoga SUP. The cords keep your bags secure from falling into the water, but out of the way of your practice.

  • Yoga Traction Pad: The longer traction pad replicates the comfort and grip of a standard yoga mat. The longer width will help keep you balanced and you move through the different yoga stances.

  • Side Handles: The handles located on all sides of the board make the board easy to transport in and out of the water.  

Comes with:

Aluminium Paddle
The Aluminium Paddle is lightweight and adjustable. At 900g, this Paddle is lighter so you can go farther. The shaft of the Paddle can be altered for different heights, so it can be used by a variety of different people. This paddle can stretch from 170cm to 210 cm.


Double Action PSI Pump
The 2.2L Pure Double Action Pump has an integrated PSI meter, making it even easier for you to pump up your inflatable SUP.


Deluxe SUP Backpack
The specially designed Pure4Fun backpack offers amazing storage for your SUP when it isn’t in use: keep your iSUP neatly packed away when moving from A to B. Use this backpack to keep your iSUP safe in between seasons, or use it to transport your board down to the water.


Ankle Leash Cord
Safety is one of the most important parts of having a good SUP adventure. Never go out on the water without using your Leash. This keeps you from getting separated from your board if you fall off. Attach the leash to the D-Ring.


Repair Kit
The Compact repair kit comes in a waterproof case that has everything you’ll need to patch up a puncture quickly. The PVC patches are colour matched to the original design of the SUP.


How to Inflate and Deflate your Yoga SUP:

Additional Information:

Length: 8’0”
Width: 33”
Depth: 6”
Overall Measurements: 245 x 85 x 15 cm
Max Load: 150 kg
Suitable in: Fresh Water and Salt Water
Constructed from: PVC with Drop Stitch Construction, EVA Coating
Colour: Black, Grey, Red
Style: Yoga


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